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Monday, July 10, 2017

Hey Bubba

I'm not home with you. I'm just getting off work.

I didn't work very hard, for a long time, when I became an adult. I think I was afraid of something.

I'm still working out the details.
I'm tired. Because I worked hard today.

My coworkers are nice. Most people in the service industry are, I've found. We see lots of people for small bits and pieces of their lives. It makes me want to be one of the nice ones.

Someday you will date someone. When you do, don't worry about how they treat you. Post attention to how they treat their server.

That I'd how they will treat you.

Spend your time around people who see everyone as equals. Not just you.

And smile at trees.

I'm going home. Our family made this a happy time in life, for me. 

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