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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hey Bubba

Part of me wants to tell you to stop buzzing around. It would be easier for your mom.

But don't. Your job is not to make our lives easier. That is not your purpose.

Your job is to pay attention to all the love you see. And then to try your best to test the entire Earth with your best love.
It's a tall task.

Try not to get to caught up on what other people are doing.

Remember that all living things are motivated to find a way to live as peacefully as possible. To Co-exist.

You may go to school and learn different subjects.

If you do, it will mean that entire groups of people are interested in learning. That there is a desire to learn
1. How to exist in harmony with Earth (science)
2. How to build onto the good decisions so far
3. How to communicate those ideas through space and time
4. How to make kids hate school

  • Many more people live you than you realize

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