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Friday, July 7, 2017

Hey Buddy

Be nice to your mother.

It's really hard being pregnant. By the third trimester, everything is hard. She is your God right now, and you pray for a lot.

Don't feel guilty. Just be appreciative. Call her. And your aunts. And your sister.

I've been wearing a weight vest and a backpack with a kettle bell in it. For an hour.

And I'm ready for you to be born. Now.

When I sit down on a couch, I don't sit on it. I sit IN it. My body just sinks like a brick in water

I just pooped. I sat there for ten minutes, trying to think of how to not wipe. I had to do light calisthenics to reach back there.

I didn't even look. I literally wiped twice and thought "that feels like enough"

Don't just blindly worship women. They need you to be more present than that.

Respect them. They do great work. Your mother made sacrifices long after the water broke.

Her name means Butterfly.

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