a priori/a posteriori

About Us

So that's us.  Lucas on the left, Bryson on the right.  We're two stand-up comics - and close friends - who have decided to take the leap and move up to New York City from Austin, Texas, to pursue our comedy careers.  We're living together along with a third roommate Vijaya who, although not a comic, is a part of our other blog.  That blog is more just for us, and for trying to help ourselves grow and make sense of our world.

This blog is really for the two of us too, but I think we also see the potential value that it could have to others.  For any comics who have ever considered moving to a larger pond, so to speak, and are wondering what it feels like to go from big fish to irrelevant larvae, we're actually pretty excited to see how well we can handle the shift, and to document the experience.  

And who knows?  Maybe we can even establish a new way to look at this phase - one that keeps us sane, with our self-worth and sense of purpose intact, throughout what we have been told will be the rough-and-tumble journey of climbing the stand-up ladder here in New York City.  Wish us luck, and whatever you're doing with your life, good luck in your journey, as well. 

Bryson and Lucas