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Monday, January 16, 2017

"Don't worry about insomnia" (Dear Dale Carnegie)

I had a great experience as a REALTOR, last year.

I didn't sell any homes, but I learned a lot about myself, about Vanessa, about people, about families, about homes, money, and saving.

And I learned a lot about my co-workers, in our office. 

One of them was a lady named Sue, and she changed my life.  She gave me all of her "Dale Carnegie" series of books.

She told me that he son went through the program, and that they had been very effective.  She encouraged me to read them, and take them seriously.

I started to.  But when Vanessa and I decided to move on and pursue other careers, I got away from the books. 

I look forward to re-focusing, as soon as my basketball season ends in March. 
One quote stands out, from the first couple books I've read so far.

"Don't worry about insomnia."
What an incredible quote. 

It talked about not having enough time in the day, and worrying when you'll ever accomplish your dreams. 

Or maybe it talked about taking on a second job that has to do with your passion.

I don't remember the context.  But I remember the energy of the quote.

It was saying that you should always ride a wave of passion.  And if you can get "into a zone," then focus on riding the wave, not on what a clock says, or what a calendar says.

Ride the wave you're on.
I write this as a screen stares back me saying

2:15 AM

I am not worried about insomnia.

I have work tomorrow.  I will pick up a job -- somewhere -- and go teach for 7 hours.  Then I'm meeting with the Athletic Director at the school of one of my tutoring students, to update him on my student's progress.  Then I go coach basketball for 3 hours.

Then I'll do it again.
And again.
And again.

And then it's Saturday.  And I'll still have to get up early, to walk our daughter's dog.

All that is not just "okay." 

It's amazing.  It's amazing because of all the people I'm surrounded with, while it happens.  The wife, the daughter, the co-workers, the Athletic Director, the co-coaches, the parents, the players.

Everyone is part of this machine called "the world," trying to make things work as best we can. 

I am learning that, more and more.
To that world, I have more dreams to add.

I want to write.  And I want my writing to have an impact.  A positive, beautiful, electric impact.  Like a cattle brand with the healing effects of E.T.'s finger.
2:26 AM

Headed back to bed. 

I am not worried about insomnia.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Season-Long Momentum

I am a middle-school boys' basketball coach, and a high school boys' basketball coach.

I work at it. I need to keep doing it, to get better.

I'll need to get more curious, if I want to become my best coach.

That's what I hope my players see, as they watch me coaching.

I hope I hop over the discouraging "losses" like they are waves under my jet ski,

And I absorb the impact, over and over, until I realize they were never there to ruin things.

They were there to give me a ru

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

You Better Be Tipping Well Over in Japan! (Dear Harrison)

Hey Harrison.

I usually write on here during the weekends.  So I'm going to write you a quick note today, on Wednesday, because I have a snow day.  And because this CAN'T be less productive than playing my "Tiny Tower" app.
To catch you up quickly, since we saw each other at Christmas/dad's service:

1.  Things are going well here.

2.  I started writing on here again

3.  I've started writing to individual friends/family/readers

4.  I thought about writing to Preston, but the post was going to be a legitimate, honest-to-God piece about farting.

5.  So I'm writing you first
So what's the deal with farting?

Starting over.
1.  I am excited for your first full year, over there.

2.  Should I keep writing you on here?  Like, will I get you fired or anything?

3.  I hope you tip well, while you're over there.  Do people tip over there?  I hear in Europe, nobody tips.  What is the "tipping culture" in Japan?

4.  How much do you know about Japanese wrestling?  Has it been mentioned at all since you got there?  Have you met and/or hung out with a Japanese lady wrestler named Chyna?
Feel free to reply via comment or by email.

I taught Japanese class to middle schoolers, last week.  And one of them literally said they don't care about the class, and they only took it because they were tired of not being able to read the subtitles on their anime'.


Good ol' teacher Bryson then proceeded to spin a lonnnng and inspirational tale, about a young boy who did JUST THE SAME THING

and ended up getting a job with the Japanese government,

and blah, and blah, and blah.

So just know that your story is legitimately mind-blowing to like 3 kids watching Death Note this weekend.
Proud of you.  Keep doing your best.

Barnes and Nobles and Targets (Dear Drew Dowdey)

Hey Drew!

Been a while, man.

I am doing well.  I have had the first 3 days of this week off, because of snow days.  But I teach every school day now.

I'm a substitute teacher.  I didn't get a teaching degree, so I can't get hired by a public school in Virginia.

But look at me, though!  I can tell the difference between a weekday and a weekend!

I am starting to write again, which I got away from for a long time.

Thanks for all the conversations, while I was in New York.  It was a super tough time in my life, now that I'm looking back on it.  And you are part of the reason I came out of it with my feet on the ground again.
Also, sorry again that Harrison didn't tip you after you gave him a shape-up, that one time.

My family still owes you, for the record.

Steve Hofsteter isn't funny

I hear Steve Hofsteter is great at dealing with hecklers.

Hey Steve, 

What's your comeback to this one:

You're not as funny as me, and you never were.  You literally stole the title from a heckler clip of mine, and re-named some of your weak-ass, watered-down heckler clips

so that Internet search engines would drive traffic away from my 

and would re-direct it toward your

middle-school punchlines.
I hear you're good at dealing with hecklers, Steve.

Consider yourself heckled:

5 million views and counting, Mr. Hofsteter.

I doubt you have a comeback.

Missing Coffee (Dear Vanessa)

I am missing coffee with you, while I write this.

I will write more today.

Thank you for giving me the life that allows me to do so.  And for being a part of that life.

I'm headed upstairs now.

See you soon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ALBY OXENWRITER!!!! (Dear Lawson 3)

And I remembered it WITHOUT


which is where you end up asking questions to on the internet, more and more, as you grow up.

You'll see.
Thank you for your reassurances that our friendship is both viable and valuable. 

Just keep in mind that when you have an annoying friend like me, you're going to hear a lot of

You'll see.
On to more important things:

I have not talked to Drew in forever.  Though I


wrote to my first ever Drew friend on here, about an hour ago.  That was

Drew Johnson

I want, in a perfect world, to be active on this site on my weekends.  This week has been weird, because we've had snow days all week.  I am starting to go crazy, because I need the work and the money.  But right now, this is where I am.  And I am learning to be present, even when I'm a little embarrassed.

I want to write Drew Dowdey, and I bet I do it tomorrow.  I'm writing right now without thinking about it.  Which is a great and promising place to be.

And a place I need to be present for, and take advantage of.  I'm learning.
Speaking of writing:

Great stuff on the future of pro wrestling.

Here is my ignorant, non-fan question:

Okay, so is that a thing though?  Like would the WWE find a "prospect" like Kento Miyahara, and then bring him over to be a part of WWE?

Have they ever done that before, and brought over an unknown from a different culture's wrestling league?

This is more a point about America, but: 

wouldn't he have to be a heel if he couldn't really speak any English?  Like, aren't Americans too ignorant to "trust" someone who can't speak English well?

Has there ever been a crossover star, ala Jackie Chan, but in the wrestling world?
I know there was that famous Chinese wrestler.  The tall woman with the black hair, who was very strong.

But it's been a while since she was wrestling.  Could they bring a Chinese lady like her again?