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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Is there a show yet called "Life is Hard"

There should be. 

This is hard. 

Raising a baby is hard.  Raising a teenager is hard.  Raising a son is hard.  Raising a daughter is hard.

Having a squeaky mattress is hard.  Having an old house is hard. 

Not having a baby is hard.  Not having a teenager is hard.  Not having a son is hard.  Not having a daughter is hard.

Not having a mattress is hard.  Not having a house is hard.
There just isn't a version of life that isn't hard.  It's hard because a necessary part of life is being alive.  And it's hard to be alive.

So what everyone who is reading this probably wants is....some humor.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Already I am better.
I have been unemployed for all of 6 hours.

So far I've helped raise my baby for 5 of them -- took him on a walk, played toys with him, played catch, changed a diaper full of poop, and dropped juggling balls about a hundred times.  I've put him to bed, and I'm nursing a cider.

And I'm practicing Linear Equations.

It started with Linear Equation Word Problems. 

Those didn't go so well.

I moved on to good old-fashioned Linear Equations.
I don't know how valuable a skill this will be.  But I learned a lot from my previous job.

I got fired from the previous job.  That's how I'll remember it, anyway.  I liked the job -- I got to work with kids and families, I got to give speeches to try to inspire staff, I got to count a bunch of numbers.  It was my dream job.

And I failed.

I fell flat on my face.
But the whole time I was failing, I was growing.  Because the whole time I was failing, I was trying.

Now, I take an imaginary look at myself, from above, and I see a grown man.  I see a father.  I see a husband.  I see a business partner.  I see a CEO, willing to do the things that most people simply choose not to do.

I am back to failing.  But now, I'm failing at math.

Linear Equations, to be exact.

I am Mathman.  Half of the 1600 Point Playbook ground floor.

Bring on the failures.
I can already tell there are patterns.  Clear patterns.

That's the whole thing about standardized tests.


They have to be a certain thing.  It's not like the SAT has some brilliant coach, who's going to come up with some new strategy you didn't see coming.

They're literally not allowed.  It's standardized.

So the game becomes a different game.  It's not just knowing math.  It's also learning to recognize -- and then recognize more and more quickly -- what the question is asking.
I don't have the perfect way to say this all, yet.

But I see the path forward. 

And I believe in myself, as a professional.  I believe in my ethic, and in my discipline, and in my partner. 

I see the path forward to owning a business that can change the path of a life.
1600 Point Playbook

Monday, July 2, 2018

I Wish People Would Send me their Writing

The laugh of a baby is...unique.

The joy exhausts him, like a balloon flying around the room, a scud missile of happiness.

It's crazy.  I never imagined there was laughter like that.  It's pure.  Pure like water from a history book.

Baby laughs are time travel.

Thank you to my baby.

Thank you for being laughter 

These Posts Used to be Honest

I think that was probably the appeal.  I don't think it had to do with the topic -- stand-up comedy, in most cases.  I think it probably had to do with the honest effort of another human being to communicate ideas clearly, and without manipulation.

I have a daughter now.  I just, do.  It's my daughter.  There might be more than two parents, which I never realized was a thing.  By claiming my daughter I am not taking away anyone else's daughter.  It only helps a child to have more people in her world that legitimately feel like her parent.  It's just an extra amount of the world that is rooting for her to find peace and joy and love and happiness.

My son is incredible.  He sparks joy in others like flint and that other thing that combines with flint to make fire.  He is crying in the other room.  I got kicked out of the bedroom for making too much noise, as Vanessa tries to convince him to release his grip on consciousness, and trust that sleep will be a safe river that

Tomorrow morning, I'll try again.  Every day, I try my best.  I always have.  Sometimes it doesn't look like it.  Sometimes, to other people, my best looks like I'm not trying.

But every day, I try my best.  Tomorrow morning will be the same.  I'll try to wake up with the light from the East, try to be waiting for the bottom half of the sun, try to pick up mass and fight gravity in a fluid motion that teaches my body to develop symmetrical muscle.

I'll try my best.  I'll try my best.  I'll wake up next to a beautiful woman, a smoking hot woman, and try to fit her head on my chest well.  Tucked under my chin.  And we'll keep our fingers crossed that our baby sleeps in.

Changes ahead.  And that's okay.
I'm more professional than I've ever been.  I have more growth.

I'll wake up tomorrow and try my best.

I hope I start writing more.

I hope I inspire others.

I enjoy the writing of others.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Some Days I Feel Less Like a Father

And more like the roommate of a woman raising a baby.

I feel connected to the baby but not entirely to the process of raising it.

I feel like I’m using the pronoun “it” too much

But also it smiles

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We are the News 2

A kid gets to see her grandparents for Thanksgiving.

A baby gets to have his first Thanksgiving tomorrow. He thinks the world is mostly being held and being fed. Because so far it is.

A million teachers get a half day. So do 30 million students.

A car starts. People call their families. People travel because they love their family more than the stress it takes to see them.

It’s Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving. A great day

Friday, November 17, 2017

We are the News

A doctor did a really good job today.  You probably didn't hear about it on the news.  But it happened.

A baby was brave, today.  He let a doctor examine him without crying. 

The weather was beautiful today. 

Water is delicious.  Better than any other drink. 

A girl was strong today. 
A neighbor was caring.  A boss forgiving.  A partner was willing to sacrifice.
What an incredible news day.

I came to this site because I decided not to go to any news sites. 

I hope we write the news again tomorrow.