a priori/a posteriori

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Monday is my new Sunday

I never go to church anymore. 

I feel pretty bad about it.

Vanessa goes every week.

But I just stopped going, at some point.  And all of a sudden, it was a lot easier Not To Go.
My father used to preach on Sundays.  Every Sunday, he would speak in front of an audience.

I always thought that was cool.

I don't go to church, right now.  I went the first Sunday of the year, gave $101, and haven't been back. 

It's my first year as a Catholic.
Bryson performs every Monday Night from 9:10 -- 9:15 pm, at Pinboys Bowling Alley, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He has fun telling stories

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Adult Rules, #1

Four pages is not a lot of paperwork.

I am not allowed to be "intimidated" by 4 pages.

Check some boxes, do your best, and move forward

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Me Llamo Verizon

Yo no hablo Espanol.


Name:  BrysonTurner.com

Points:  923,123

Rank:  8226

I am a Proud Fan of the Liberal Rednecks

Not to "liberal rednecks" in general.  Though I have nothing against you.

Thank you, specifically, to these liberal rednecks.
Thank you, Drew.  Thank you, Corey.  Thank you, Trae.

Not as a unit.  Thank you, each of you.  Because you guys were not cool to me, as a group.  You were all cool to me, one-to-one.
I respect each of you, individually.  As peers.
That isn't much, to the outside world right now.  But you guys told me that it does mean something.  That it means a lot.  And you've helped inspire me to get up on the horse again.

I'm getting back into comedy.
Keep performing.  Grow, and evolve, as people and performers.  Take steps forward.  Churn your creative legs past the point of failure.

We are not on tour together.  But I am now growing with you guys, in spirit.

Consider Bryson Turner a fan.

Thank You, Tracy

Yes, you.  Tracy from Arkansas.  I won't say anything else, because I am sure you value your privacy.

I am sure you also value your money.  Which is why I am saying -- well, writing -- 

Thank you!!!

Thank you for paying for my stand-up.  You are awesome.  There is no other way to cut it.
In fact, you have inspired me to create a video.  And 5 jokes.

I do not know you.  We have never met.  But I woke up today, and checked my website, and the world had given me more energy than when I'd checked yesterday.  The world encouraged me to be myself, and keep going, and be positive.

So...thank you.  Thank you for adding fuel to the universe's tank of positive energy.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The World through Wealthy Eyes

I haven't written in 2 weeks.

We have no internet at our house, because it cost too much. Our teenager brings it up about twice a week.

It used to be every day. She's getting used to it.

I have access to the internet on my pocket computer. I used to call it my phone.

The screen is shattered. The result of trying to balance my phone on a bike seat, as I halfheartedly worked out in our garage. It's hard to read articles or watch videos.

These are my excuses for not writing.

I smile as I pinch my screen and zoom out.

We are incredibly blessed.
We are incredibly wealthy.

Dear God
Please help me appreciate
Please help me spread
Thank you

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Year 4: catching up

I've been getting my life together for these past 3 years. Give or take.

I've been documenting it. On and off.

I'm excited for this next year. To continue the climb.

I hope I write more and worry less. I hope I celebrate a new year every day. I hope I post all my work and give the world a chance to feel better about the world they created and are creating.

I hope I go clean the guinea pig cage, because it's Sunday.  I hope I smile at Dragonfly more.

I hope I call my mom and tell her I love her. And thank you.

I am excited for this. It's our "catch up year."

Boy oh boy. What a year it is.

Now: where were we?