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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New neighbor of the day: Boomtown Bryson

"Welcome to Boomtown.  Population BOOMTOWN!"
The Story of "Boomtown" Bryson
By Bryson Turner and Lucas Molandes

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Brooklyn, NY -
Our upstairs neighbor, white-trash disc jockey aka 'Boomtown Bryson' aka 'DJ Brysonio Hall', showed up today to showcase his contempt for modern art and pseudo-ironic post modernist dee-jaying.  After playing music from the late 1940s ("when this shit was still real," he explained), he insisted on painting with nothing but sweatpants on.  Boomtown - whose real name is not known because his lease is signed by his parents - complained that he had not received the Mountain Dew that had been promised him in exchange for his services (there was no such agreement).  The self-proclaimed "double-threat" - his business card claims expertise in both "business card editing" and "keeping it reel" (sic) - then stormed out of the apartment and headed back upstairs, uttering only one last sentence while grabbing his crotch in a suggestive manner.
"I got your fucking museum of modern fucking art right here, faggots."


  1. Hey guyz.

    It's kat. I'm drunk. I saw this links

    i went to the friends page and there were no friends listed.

    is this a purposeefull metphor???!!1`1ou8it0[9e

    i think i got a writing job

    looks like you gusy are big shits on new york

    fucking awesome.

    mail me some bagelz and ny weeds.

    dont git stabbed

    love always and forevers,
    kat rampoopskiz

  2. kat's comment and the grammar within it seem to suggest she is from a similar socio-economic background as Boomtown. Regardless, we appreciate the support. Please keep visiting the site on the rare occasions you have access to a computer!