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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bobcat Pride (Get it?)

I feel like I have no choice but to give a shout-out to my college years at Ohio University after my shows last night.

My first set was at The Creek and the Cave, where I hung out with Eli Sairs, a fellow comic and OU alum. Back when we were at school, I joined a comedy group he was writing for called Comedy for the Masses, and for about two years, we did stand-up, sketches, and videos as part of the couple of shows we'd put on every semester. All in all, it was a blast.

I did a second set last night at Too Cool For School, a show put on by Jason Saenz and Nick Turner, a couple of buddies I met when we all lived in DC at the same time a few years ago. After the show, I was hanging out at the back of the room, and out of nowhere, a face approached me that I hadn't seen in five years. Crazily, it was another OU alum, a friend and fan from back when we went to OU together. She and her husband had come to check out the show when they read on Facebook that I was performing that night, which made me feel pretty awesome. Thanks again for coming, and for enjoying our "creepy blog," as I believe it was described to me.

Then, just getting ready to leave, I ran into a dude I had worked with on a student film during my senior year at Ohio. Sure enough, he'd ended up in New York too, and now he works with Jason and Nick (the DC guys) producing video sketches with them, and he and some other OU guys are working on the pilot that a different buddy of mine up here wrote and is now getting filmed. And most importantly, when we went out after the show, one of them got me pizza.

So it was a crazy night filled with OU folks, and that's not even counting the dude that couldn't make it, but who may be helping Lucas and I with a huge, huge project of ours this fall. So basically, it was a night that made me nostalgic for Athens. Thanks to all involved. Look forward to crossing paths with everyone again soon, either personally or professionally.

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