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Monday, May 9, 2011

Comedy Talk: Question for Lucas

Hey, Lucas. This past week, I’ve gotten a kick out of hanging out with you and getting to talk comedy. I figure maybe I can get some of your thoughts down onto the page (or screen), just in case you die soon, so that in 2019 some young comic stumbles upon this blog and reads this post and feels like in some can’t-be-proven-or-defined way, your essence lives on through the thoughts that you had and the words that gave them permanence in this world.

So here goes:

Do you owe the audience anything away from the stage? As a performer, is part of your responsibility to spend time preparing what you’re going to say, or at least developing your thoughts? If you just sit around during the day and do nothing, do you consider that short-changing your future audiences, akin to mailing in the performance live? Or is that irrelevant and your life off-stage is not directly related to your obligations as a performer?

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