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Friday, May 27, 2011

Lucas Has Been Busy!

Hey everybody!

Here’s some candy for all you sweet-toothed Lucas fans that have been clamoring for an update! Since passing on his FPIA crown and cape to the hilarious Andy Ritchie, Lucas has been a very busy beaver! (there’s gotta be a better term than that)

Luc returned to Brooklyn last week, and has been writing up a storm since, putting together a packet for shows up here. He’s also been sharing his thoughts on society and its ills in a really fun new blog called ‘Coping with Happiness.’

What’s that? You’re too lazy to click on that link and then scroll through his musings? You’d rather have direct links to his thoughts on McDonalds and Gunmen vs. Sword-wielding Crazies? So be it!

Stay tuned for more from the lovely and perceptive mind of Mister Molandes!

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