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Monday, January 9, 2012

It’s Monday, God Damn It

And I have shit to do!

But I’ll write a quick post, anyway.

I did a show last night. Not an open-mic. A show. It went well enough. There were somewhere between 5 and 10 non-comic audience members, which is actually really good for a non-club show here. Or at least for the shows that I’ve done since I’ve been up here.

There will be a lot more shows this year than last, I imagine. I’m getting out much more often now, and I’m having more fun, and seem to be gaining more and more respect amongst my peers.

So that’s very nice. I had a great first week of the year here, comedically speaking, and that had a lot to do with me writing while I was away from the stage. That’s what I hope to continue. And I hope to continue to have productive time, away from the stage. I think that will help me continue to be at peace with whatever happens here in New York.

It’s really when you feel a lot of self-resentment that you get angry at the rest of the world. If you’re at peace with yourself, it’s almost hard to get angry. Because when you start to, you just think logically, about how to make the situation better.

My gut feeling, at the beginning of this year, is that I don’t have any reason to get angry at the world. I get the feeling that New York is giving me a genuine chance. That’s all you can ask for.

Okay, back to work. Or some form of it.

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