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Monday, April 9, 2012

Recording an Album

So I’ve been working on the details of this for the past month or so, and I finally have all the details nailed down (actually I’ve had the details nailed down for a couple weeks, but I’m just making them public now. In case you wanted full disclosure)

I’m going to be recording my first album two months from now, on the weekend of June 8-9, at the Under St. Marks Theater, here in New York City. It’s a small black box theater that seats about 50 people. I’ll be doing one show each night. I am already nervous and dreading them (again, if you want full disclosure).

I’ve decided - in my head, and hopefully in reality, too - to document the process of the next two months, as I prepare for those shows. I think that will be interesting for me to read, looking back, and hopefully it will provide some sort of release valve for my nerves, too. That’s the hope, at least. We’ll see.

Whatever. It basically means the next two months will be very exciting and very stressful for me. But it’s time, I think. It’s time to see where I’m at.

Right now, I really have to pee. Also I’m in a Starbucks. You’re welcome for the extra information. I hope it paints a picture for you.

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