a priori/a posteriori

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back Into the Blogging Game

Okay.  It’s been a crazy couple of months.  I spent most of this spring panicking about recording my album, and the rest of the time, I spent preparing for it.

Well, that’s not really true.  I spent most of my time either playing a meaningless, mindless app on my cell phone, or wasting hours at a time just staring at sports statistics, trying to decide which teams to wager five dollars on.

(I’ve probably made a few hundred bets total.  I’m down about $200 or so.  Don’t cry for me though - I do it for the love, not the money)

But now, the shows are over.  The recordings are done.  And so - hopefully - I can return to blogging more.  That’s my plan, at least.

But the first step - as is so often the case - must be a baby one.  And that’s what this blog is.  It’s saying hello again.  And that I plan on being around a lot more this summer, than I was this spring.  And I’m excited to spend some time writing again.

The shows went pretty fucking spectacularly, by the way.  (more about that soon)

And sorry for the cursing, mom.  But they really did.



  1. congrats on the killer shows for your album.

  2. Hell yeah man, thanks a lot. Me and Andrew (the friend of mine who put the shows together) are gonna try to get together and cut it up in the next few weeks, and it should be out later this summer. I’m gonna have an album! That’s crazy!