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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Too Much Time on the Phone

I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone recently.  I know this isn’t what a blog post is supposed to be.  But I have a lot of other things to do this week, and I don’t want to commit to a two-hour block to really write about my experiences right now.

So I’m just going to put it on the record that I’m doing well, and that things are going right now.

I was going to write that “things are going well.”  But things have been going well in the past.  That’s not newsworthy.

Here’s what I’m going to write:

“Things are going forward right now.”

That’s new.  Things have never been going forward.  Not like this.  Not at this speed.  And not with this level of persistence.

I don’t know how to word it right, so that anyone else would understand.  But things are actually happening.  Things are getting done.  The concern over perfection is getting thrown out the window.  And we’re just getting things done.  So that they exist in the world.

Then other people can see the imperfect version I made, and they can say, “How did he screw up that last 10 percent??  90 percent of that was PERFECT!!  How did he screw up that 10 percent??”

And then they’ll make another one.  But a better one.  They’ll find out how hard it is to make something perfect (it’s impossible).  But hopefully, they’ll get 90 percent of my failures right.

Then all of a sudden, my world has a version that’s 99 percent right.  I didn’t make that version.  But who cares?  The world is better.  And I exist in the world.  So even selfishly, my world is better.  I win.

Me: not hungover.  Vijaya: very hungover.

So just to update you:  I’m trying to do some things.  I’m doing some things.  And I’m trying to make them perfect.  But they won’t be.

That’s okay.  Just look at them.  And see the flaws in what I’m doing.  And use that as a road map to be better than me.

But I’m moving forward.  I’m moving the world forward.  I’m moving comedy forward.

That’s worth celebrating.  I’m not perfect.  I’m failing.  But I’m trying.  It honestly feels just as good.  And with a lot less pressure.
This is what it failing feels like.  WHO KNEW??

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