a priori/a posteriori

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Good morning, Virginia Beach

After a long and winding road,

I arrived here yesterday evening,
about 8 pm,
May 13,

Or at least,

that's what I would have called it,
before the ocean taught me none of that matters.

It matters, of course.  It all matters. 

It was 8 pm, so we had a few hours before we had to pick up Dragonfly.

It was May 13, so it was time to pay the cable bill.

It was 2016, so it was an election year.
All of those numbers were waiting for us, when we got back home.

The ocean doesn't change that.

The ocean renders to Caesar, what is Caesar's.
It renders to Verizon, what is Verizon's

The Ocean doesn't fight.  And it doesn't pride itself in not fighting.

The Ocean is The Ocean.

It will be there.

Before us.  After us.

Don't worry.

The Ocean's love won't be swayed by us. 

The Ocean can only be fair. 

It is our reflection,
whether we see ourselves or not.


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