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Monday, August 15, 2016

Dear Koji,

Hey buddy.  I made a video for you.   A video to you.

I've been inspired by you, of late.  And always, of course.

I've started writing a little to my dad.  It's tough to open up to him, because he's got that rigid, raised-in-the-50s, John Wayne energy.  Or maybe I'm just projecting what's in my mind.  Who knows.

Keep up your good work, on the book.  And keep documenting it.

I didn't watch your videos at all.  And then today, I got caught up with the first 3 vlogs.

That's how it will work, I presume.  People won't be watching, for a while.  And then they'll get caught up.

I think people will look back at The Internet and remember people like you.  People that tried their best to document themselves without presentation.  And they will try to piece together what you were willing to give to the Internet.  Some people will binge watch your life, like a Netflix show.

Or they won't. 

Whether it ever happens or not, should not affect you.  Both realities should have their "today" perfectly overlap.

Right?  Isn't that one of the things you're trying to communicate?  To yourself and others?

Hope all is well.  I put up your video on the website.  If you missed it, it's here:

Keep going, buddy.  If this is the exact same world, and when people read the word "money" they picture trees and healthy green fields,

we're headed toward a bluer-greener marble than ever


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