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Thursday, August 4, 2016

I Have a Bad Feeling I'm Falling for This Bullshit

There has never been a more ridiculous character running for President than the one we all call "Donald Trump." 

He is cartoonishly evil.  So as a country, we all get to feel smart.  We get to watch someone say ignorant things, and then we get to feel good about ourselves, because we "know better."

Meanwhile, we are quickly running out of trees, and most of the world's species are going extinct. 

To stop Donald Trump FEELS LIKE we are stopping an evil megalomaniac.  But out of the 100 people on this planet with the most power, how many do I think have similar psychological issues as the "Donald Trump" I know?

Is 80 a low guess?  Could it be 90? 

I believe it could.

Could it be 95?

I believe it.

Could it be 98?

I believe it.

Could it be any number OTHER THAN 100?

I'm not sure how. 

Maybe the pope, just because of the amount of attention he receives?  Could he be considered one of the 100 most powerful people on the planet?

He doesn't make any big decisions. 

But then, who does?
Even the people who present themselves as terrific people -- if I've ever never met you in person, but I know you exist, the odds are you have a self-serving purpose.  Because you've put yourself in a position to be known.

At some point, if we want our species to survive -- (and I'd very much like to, because I think Vanessa is super hot) -- we have to start showing genuine humility.

It can't be presented humility. 

And it has to be trans-species humility.  We need human world leaders who say "are there any trees flying across the oceans to discuss how we can use less oil?"

"No?  There aren't?  Maybe it's a little weird that I just used up THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF FUEL to attend a meeting about how to use up less of the world's resources?"
My issues are not with any "political party"

My issues are with the arrogance of our species

This 2016 election is not "Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton"

It's "human being vs.  human being"

and right now, we haven't shown the maturity -- as a species -- to be leaders of this planet.

If I think ANY one person is the "right" or "wrong" person to lead us, then I'm falling for it.

I'm getting distracted by MY desire to be right, in the same way I see Donald Trump and say "I can't BELIEVE how self-obsessed he is!!!"

Meanwhile, I'm so self-obsessed, I think recognizing his flaws is somehow going to change something.  A simple decision I make in my mind -- I have bizarrely convinced myself -- is enough to look at the rest of the world with judgy eyes, and then roll them.

Shame on me.  I have been looking in a mirror, this whole time.

This election day, I'm going to plant some seeds.  Somewhere.
Seriously, by the way.  I am making a commitment, as I type this.

I vote for trees, this election.

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