a priori/a posteriori

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

So who out there is really PASSIONATE about Twitter?

That's why I had to admit Vanessa was right.

When we first started dating, I signed her up for Twitter.

Literally. I didn't give her a choice.

Her: that thing seems dumb.
Me:  NO!!! Twitter is amazing!!!
Twitter seems dumb.

I remember when a bunch of people in Egypt 7sed it to start an uprising.  Then I think shit got weird IRL, and they used Twitter to track down who had said what.

Twitter seems dumb.

I get emails -- STILL - every day from Twitter.  2 years after I quit.

It's like the sad ex that keeps showing up at your job, every day.

That is what the "social media fad" will look like, to historians.

It will be looked back on as a drug.  Class 1 addictive substance. Lumped in with heroin and whatever-the-kids-call-it-nowadays.

As a nation, as a species, and as a PLANET, we spent the first 20 years of access to "The Internet" trying to connect to other humans.  We mistook it for a step in a positive process.

The truth was, we were driving closer to the goal of connection. But the road is a dead end.  We eventually stop in our tracks,; closer to connection than we were, but with no chance of reaching it.

Twitter seems dumb.
That is the story of all drugs, by the way.  In case I ever get tempted to go on "a journey."

A drug is something that appears to be getting you closer, while simultaneously making the arrival impossible.
Eventually, you advance forward less and less. You have to take more drug to get less distance.  Until one day, you look at yourself and realize you're not even hoping for progress, anymore.  You're just doing it because it's what you do when you're not thinking. You've reached a dead end.

Social Media is a drug.

That's not a metaphor. It's a belief.

Every drug becomes a cigarette.


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