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Thursday, October 20, 2016

SUPER disappointed in John Oliver this week

To be disappointed, you have to have expectations.

I have high expectations for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, because I think it works hard to make humor out of relevant issues.

To make humor out of distractions -- a candidate's hair, for instance -- is a waste of time, and threatens to normalize things we need to pay attention to.

To talk about relevant issues, but to not be funny...that is also a flawed strategy.  It comes off heavy-handed and becomes ineffective because nobody wants to watch it.

Oliver has balanced that line better than just about anybody I can think of.
That's why his bashing of Jill Stein's album from 20 years ago was so weird. 

He was making a case about the legitimacy -- or lack thereof -- of the 3rd party candidates in the 2016 election.

Maybe Jill Stein isn't fit to serve.  I still don't know.  Because Oliver could have talked about relevant reasons, but he chose not to.  He took a cheap shot at the fact that she used to be in a band.
The craziest part is that the songs he chose to mock were about CLIMATE CHANGE.

Yes.  Climate Change!!!  The thing that Oliver regularly mocks politicians for not acknowledging as a serious political issue.

Here was a Presidential candidate not only talking about climate change, but talking about it TWENTY YEARS AGO!!!!

Singing about corporate greed, and long-term environmental damage.  And all Oliver could hear were the notes being sung out of key?

It was weird.  Weirdly anti-Oliver.  It was like a Freaky Friday sequel, where he switched bodies with Jimmy Fallon.

Like I said -- normally, I'm a huge Oliver fan.  I still am.  I was just disappointed on a couple different levels. 

I just watched a 3rd debate last night, and in 5 hours total, climate change didn't get mentioned ONCE.

If one of them had started singing about it, they'd have won my vote.

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