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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Race to see what becomes my 4th job

I have no fear.

I worked today.  At a restaurant, that's part of a hotel.  They serve brunch.

It is my 3rd job. 

Part of me wants to make writing my fourth job.  Part of me wants to make stand-up my fourth job.

I can't decide.

Who am I kidding?  Basketball is next in line.

I'm closer to getting paid to do stand-up.  I've been paid to do it before.  So it feels safe, and familiar.

But if I want other people to try stand-up (and I do), then I have to be willing to try other things.

I want basketball to be a job.  I have never been paid to do it, yet.  I'm probably closer than I realize.  It still feels very far away.   It's probably a lot of body development.

I never figured out how to get paid for writing, either.  Not consistently.  Maybe I got paid for a side gig or two.  But I never felt like I had a writing "job."

I don't even know how many writing "jobs" are out there, anymore.  It feels like the Internet has killed most of them.

If I wanted to be technical about it, I could try to convince people to pay me on brysonturner.com, for the things I write on it.  I could call that my "job," and then I wouldn't have to produce anything of value.

Or, I could use that as a way to gauge how valuable my writing actually is.

Is my writing worth anything?

If I made the decision to find out, I could at least give myself a goal.  I could at least have a vision, to move toward.  Or to aim toward.

And whether or not I ever earned a dollar, I'd be writing.  I'd be producing.

I think

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