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Saturday, December 17, 2016

will my father be remembered?

This is kind of like asking

"Is life fair?"

At the end of the day, do the good things in life get rewarded for being good,
even if they don't advertise themselves?
The question is flawed.

People hate "click-bait"

But it's better art than the article you thought you wanted.

A good title inspires action with 5-10 words.

A great article distracts us from reality for 5-10 minutes.
The point of language -- from moment zero through moment now --

is to transfer.

To transport an idea from one mind to another.

To do the impossible. 

To take something that doesn't physically exist,
and then double it.
As we learn more about the human body, of course,

we are learning that every thought, technically, is a physical thing.  There is an identical physical pattern of movements that occurs, when another brain has the same thought.

The challenge is to communicate those exact patterns. 

The Internet is allowing for our minds to become more overlapped, because of viral experiences. 
So the goal of language has never been impossible.  We're just trying to stand still, on a spinning planet.  We'll always be changing, even when we aren't the ones changing.

The goal of language has been to communicate that we love each other but we can't promise anything.
Our fathers are legends.

Their message, their mantra, as we complained our way through perfect childhood:

"Life isn't fair"
There are many ways and many things our fathers should be remembered for.

Our fathers will be remembered

because they never went online.
Life wasn't fair.

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