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Saturday, June 10, 2017

I am a Proud Fan of the Liberal Rednecks

Not to "liberal rednecks" in general.  Though I have nothing against you.

Thank you, specifically, to these liberal rednecks.
Thank you, Drew.  Thank you, Corey.  Thank you, Trae.

Not as a unit.  Thank you, each of you.  Because you guys were not cool to me, as a group.  You were all cool to me, one-to-one.
I respect each of you, individually.  As peers.
That isn't much, to the outside world right now.  But you guys told me that it does mean something.  That it means a lot.  And you've helped inspire me to get up on the horse again.

I'm getting back into comedy.
Keep performing.  Grow, and evolve, as people and performers.  Take steps forward.  Churn your creative legs past the point of failure.

We are not on tour together.  But I am now growing with you guys, in spirit.

Consider Bryson Turner a fan.

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