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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Maybe My Happiest Post in the 2 Years of this Blog

Last night, I performed music at an open-mic.  To my knowledge, it was the first time I played an instrument in public since 5th grade.

Today, I have a 3 pm meeting at a TV network about a reality show that me and a few friends would be the leads in.  I doubt anything will come of it, but it’s good practice for if I ever have a show of my own to pitch.

Last night was also my first night back after 6 weeks off from performing stand-up.  I’ve been calling it my “off-season,” since as comics, we’re never told “you can take a break now.”  We just keep performing, every night, forever.  And I don’t think that’s healthy.  So I took a month-and-a-half off, to focus on other things (like learning to play the guitar).

This past Saturday, I had one final shoot with Mike Pullano - the director/editor of the intro and credit sequences for my special - and we wrapped up the filming of my special.  He’ll piece together what he has next week, and I should have a completed special in my hands in time for Christmas.

Tomorrow, Josh Eckert and I will meet up to look at the newest version of the website we’re working on, and decide what to change and how to move forward.  It will be a site with my special for sale, and a site that I’ll be able to sell future specials off of - or any number of other things, like independently produced books.

Sometime this week - maybe as early as today - I will sit down and get some more work done on the book that Steph Simbari and I are working on writing together.  It’s not at the top of my priority list right now, but as my special gets completed, and as my website goes live, I’ll be able to turn my focus to that project more and more.

Also, I can almost feel myself evolving as a person.  I’m letting go of layers of self-doubt, and self-resentment.  I’m letting go of years, and decades, of expectations and definitions.  Bryson is lazy.  Bryson is never going to finish things.  Bryson is not an adult.  Bryson is a man.  Bryson is straight.  Bryson hates tomatoes.  Bryson is unwilling to do something that he’s bad at.  Bryson doesn’t stick with things.  Bryson isn’t a diligent worker.  Bryson doesn’t read books.  Bryson doesn’t play musical instruments.  Bryson doesn’t write songs.  Bryson is a comic.

I’m letting go of the idea that I’ve already been defined, and that my only purpose in life is to try to color inside the lines that have already been drawn to define me.

More on that concept later, because I think I just touched on something huge huge huge huge.  But for now, this update:  I would have to say that things are going pretty well right now.

Forward.  Things are going pretty forward right now.

I’m evolving.  There is no better use of my time.


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