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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It's 11:25 at night, and I'm at home.  In bed.

This is noteworthy, because I could be at any number of shows that is still currently going on.  I got up and did a set at Left Field, which is a bar in Manhattan.  And then I stayed to watch the rest of the mic.  When it finished, it was still only about 10:30.  Which meant that I had some options.

I could have gone to The Pit, which has an open-mic that starts at 11.  I could have gone to UCB East, which also has an 11 pm open-mic.  Or I could have gone "Penny's" open-mic, which is in the same area of town, and usually goes until 1 or 2 in the morning.  Or I could have gone to Bar 4, which is in a different part of town, but also goes til super late.

Instead, I decided to come home.  Because I have a meeting in the morning, and because I'm probably going to be out super late tomorrow night.  And because it's been a long, full day, and I'm tired.

And that's okay.  I'm allowed to be a human being.  I only did one set tonight, and I only did two sets last night.  Not a blistering pace, by any means.  But I don't need to lose my mind right away, and it doesn't make sense to get burnt out on my first night back.  I'm easing back into comedy, allowing myself to enjoy it again.  And that feels right.  So I'm going to follow that feeling.

And I'm not watching SportsCenter, or wasting time on FaceBook.  I'm writing this.  Because I want to document this experience.  I want to document this attempt to grow, and become the best comic I can be.  And the best person I can be.  Etcetera, etcetera.

11:35.  Time for bed.  Or at least time to stop writing this blog.  But maybe I'll write again tomorrow.  I'm kind of on a roll.

(Picture to be added later - I'm using my small laptop right now)

(These were taken the next day)

(I'm adding 3 because I feel like it)

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