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Friday, February 1, 2013

February 2013: A Month

I wanted to put it on record - purely because I get off on this type of thing - that I think this will be an interesting month.  And if I’m documenting my life on this blog, I need to be honest about what I see.  Delusional as it may be.

I think this is going to be a month where things get set into motion.  And I think after all the chips are counted, this is going to be remembered as one hell of a month for me.

February, 2013.  Maybe, maybe not.  But hell yeah, I’m excited to watch everything play out, either way.

Here are the goals I have for this month:

1.  Finish and release my first special
2.  Finish and go live with my new website that will sell my special

3. 50 sets
4. 10 blogs

5.  Go through all recorded sets since my last special, to begin preparing for next special
6.  Document and sort out all potential material for next special
7.  At least three 45+ minute run-throughs, to prepare for my next hour set on March 2

1 and 2 are the ones that stand out, to me.  So if I have to pick two to get done, those will take precedence.  Here’s where things stand now, at the beginning of the month:

The special is about done, and I have a release date in my head of February 25.  Half because that’s my mom’s birthday, and half because I just kind of wanted to pick a “day,” even though there’s no real need to.

The special is basically 100 percent finished, though I won’t have copies of it until my editor returns to New York in mid-February.  But within a day of him returning, I’ll be able to go pick up my first special.  That will feel good, probably.

I’ll then hand that over to the DC-based company that’s putting together my website.  The website should be just about done by then.  The third week of February will be setting up the special on the site, linking the site to my PayPal (and a bunch of other programming stuff that I don’t understand), and then working out any kinks in the process.  Then, by February 21, the site should be live.  And that gives us an extra few days of leeway, before we officially go live on February 25.

Monday, February 25.  And I’ll probably spend a lot of that week sending messages to people, trying to spread the word about the special, and hopefully starting to work on promo videos with Mike Pullano, who edited the special and the credits.

I’ve focused on my “life” - and trying to make it a more well-rounded one - for much of the past 6 months.  I’m looking forward to focusing on stand-up this month, and devoting a good chunk of my time to this specific pursuit of mine.  Maybe that’s the wrong way to do it.  But that’s what my goal is, going into this 2nd month of 2013.

Ha.  2013 is already one-twelfth over.  Time really doesn’t wait for us.  Yeesh.

Alright, time for the obligatory shirtless picture, and then let’s get out to some mics.
My hair may or may not be made of flames

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