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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blogging to Blog

It’s February 7, 2013.

I’ve been hustling again.  6 days this month, 17 sets so far.  Tuesday I got 6 sets in, the last of which was at 2:35 in the morning.  Say what you will about New York.  But there’s stage time.

This is my second blog of the month.  Blogging in the form of journaling - which is what I’m doing now - is fine.  It’s documenting this experience, which is what my ultimate goal is.  But I’d love to get into some specifics, too.

Why don’t I make a quick list of some topics that I’d love to get to this month.  Let’s be optimistic here.  There are no bad ideas.

1.  Dating a fellow comic
2.  Getting on television vs. Getting on the internet.  Which matters more, to the future?
3.  Why I was wrong about “Stand-Up Philosophy.”  And why it should have been called “Stand-Up Bryson Turner”
4.  Patrice was great.  But he also wasn’t that great.
5.  I did a few podcasts.  I should provide links for anyone who wants them.
6.  How’s the next hour progressing?
7.  How’s the first special and the website progressing?

Good start.

A couple years ago, I bought the laptop that I’m writing this on.  And I made a folder with the heading “Just Start.”

And back then, that was great advice.  I needed to hear that.  “JUST START.”

Now, it’s February, 2013.  I’m starting a new folder today.  I’m giving it the heading “JUST FINISH.”

That’s great advice for me right now, in my life.  It’s time to finish things.


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