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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Book 2, Chapter 4: 5 minutes a Day

1.  That's what I don't think I realized.

I do now.

I'm learning, like a sunrise.  It's not just "bright" all at once;

2.  It gets lighter and lighter,
3.  Without you getting to "put your finger on it"

4.  Sometimes, you just have to keep going

5.  What was I referring to, back up in Number 1?

6.  Five minutes a day.

7.  I didn't realize that I'm five minutes a day,
8.  Away from having the life I've always dreamt of,
9.  But been too scared to admit it's my dream,
10.  Because I want it to happen so badly,
11.  I don't -- literally don't know -- what I would do,

12.  If it ever came true.

13.  It's 3:28 pm.  I've been writing for 3 minutes.
14.  I will write for 1 more.
15.  Then take a picture.
16.  And then move along with my day.

17.  Even five minutes

18.  (Five minutes!!)

19.  Is enough to start bringing "stand-up" back into my life,
20.  Into my world again,
21.  And if I give this website
22.  Five minutes a day

23.  I'll be making my living off of monthly donations given to my PayPal account,
24.  As a way of people supporting me and encouraging me to produce content and comedy specials,


26.  Well.  I guess that's up to me and you.

27.  (brysonturner.com)

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