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Friday, May 15, 2015

New Character: Dragonfly Snowflake

Fri  5:43  AM
May 15, 2015
I have posted on this site for 12 straight days.

_Hoy_ es 13
today  is  13

I've never been the disciplined type.

I'm learning how to change the type of person I am.
It has been a difficult journey.

I just thought about it.  It hasn't been a difficult journey.

It's been difficult to start the journey.

But once I left shore, it turned into a pleasant, positive move.
I am starting to feel better and better, about the changes in my behavior.

Butterfly and I have started doing exercises every day.
I'm shooting a basketball, every day.
I'm going to the gym, most mornings.
I wear a nasal strip, even during the day.  Even out in public.  Even in my public school classes.

Even around Dragonfly.
That's an update, from yesterday's blog.

(if you think things are changing fast now...just wait until you tell someone about this)

The step-kid is "Dragonfly"--
she hovers in the air, 
swats bugs away,
and spits fire.
So, these are the characters we have so far:

Butterfly Starfish:  incredible, unbelievable, life-changing, world-brightening wife

Dragonfly Snowflake:  super-smart, uber-funny, dub-smashing step-kid

more stories to come.

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