a priori/a posteriori

Monday, November 28, 2016

I'm a Recovering Narcissist

I used to think it was all about me.

I was woken up by a startling Butterfly, who fluttered into my world.

Or, more accurately,

I fluttered into hers.
She already ran the flower where I found her, once called "The Tea Lounge" by its regulars.  Dirty couches and cheap writers filled the room with arrogance.  My ego fit right in.

Something was different about her.  From the beginning.  She stood out.

She should not have been there.

And yet, there she was.  Which meant she should be there.

Which meant I should be there.

Maybe all my wrong decisions had been for a reason.

Maybe someone had been in charge, the whole time.

And maybe it wasn't me.

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