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Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Happy Chaos

It's a Thursday, and I'm not teaching.

This is surprising.  Which is a good sign.  I should expect to teach every weekday. 

It has been a long road back, to adulthood.  Toward adulthood.

"Adulthood" is an amoeba.  It's a slippery word.  One day you feel safely on solid, "adult" ground. 

10 minutes later you're calling someone to turn your cable back on, because you forgot it was already the 7th of the month.

And you knew it was past time to pay it.  But you didn't, because you hate that you fell for their stupid "Triple Play!" promotion,

and now you're paying $135 every month, so that you can stare at a "home phone" that you haven't used since the day you bought it at Dollar Tree,

and you knew even then that you didn't need cable, that you'd just waste time watching QVC and wondering why people need solar-powered crock pots,

and not checking your mail to see the "payment overdue" letters you were getting

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