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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ALBY OXENWRITER!!!! (Dear Lawson 3)

And I remembered it WITHOUT


which is where you end up asking questions to on the internet, more and more, as you grow up.

You'll see.
Thank you for your reassurances that our friendship is both viable and valuable. 

Just keep in mind that when you have an annoying friend like me, you're going to hear a lot of

You'll see.
On to more important things:

I have not talked to Drew in forever.  Though I


wrote to my first ever Drew friend on here, about an hour ago.  That was

Drew Johnson

I want, in a perfect world, to be active on this site on my weekends.  This week has been weird, because we've had snow days all week.  I am starting to go crazy, because I need the work and the money.  But right now, this is where I am.  And I am learning to be present, even when I'm a little embarrassed.

I want to write Drew Dowdey, and I bet I do it tomorrow.  I'm writing right now without thinking about it.  Which is a great and promising place to be.

And a place I need to be present for, and take advantage of.  I'm learning.
Speaking of writing:

Great stuff on the future of pro wrestling.

Here is my ignorant, non-fan question:

Okay, so is that a thing though?  Like would the WWE find a "prospect" like Kento Miyahara, and then bring him over to be a part of WWE?

Have they ever done that before, and brought over an unknown from a different culture's wrestling league?

This is more a point about America, but: 

wouldn't he have to be a heel if he couldn't really speak any English?  Like, aren't Americans too ignorant to "trust" someone who can't speak English well?

Has there ever been a crossover star, ala Jackie Chan, but in the wrestling world?
I know there was that famous Chinese wrestler.  The tall woman with the black hair, who was very strong.

But it's been a while since she was wrestling.  Could they bring a Chinese lady like her again?


  1. Haha, I believe you are referencing the female wrestler Chyna who passed away last year. She wasn't actually Chinese.
    It's interesting you should ask this because WWE is actually in the middle of recruiting the top talents from around the world, including Japan and even China (where pro wrestling is a bit behind the times). There's a Japanese superstar who's the champion of their developmental brand, their AAA ball, if you will. Many believe he should already be on the major league main roster stage, as he's 37 years old, an excellent wrestler, and probably the most charismatic force in wrestling since The Rock. His name is Shinsuke Nakamura, he's already in the Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame. Which is pretty ridiculous. Imagine a Japanese player who's already in the MLB HOF, playing in AAA because "that brand needs to draw". That's what's going on with this guy.

  2. Vince McMahon has never made a non American the top guy of his company. But he seems more open to it now than ever. The European scene is booming, Japan is booming, and WWE is playing for keeps, they're sweeping up all the best guys and gals they can.
    Alternatively, the biggest company in Japan, NJPW, is trying to go global. So they're doing things to appeal to the west. They just had their top hero: Kazuchika Okada, wrestle against their top western star: Canadian born Kenny Omega, in a match that people are calling one of if not the greatest match of all time.
    Personally, it's the best match I ever fuckin saw. And that's saying something.

  3. Me and Benel talk about how pro wrestling is being forced to become more progressive. They just brought in a Pakistani wrestler and started him off as a villain, but turned him good almost immediately when they saw his potential. A Pakistani guy starting as a hero in WWE is unprecedented.
    Wrestling is also progressing when it comes to women. WWE is focusing more on their women's division. Women's wrestling has become more of a focal point worldwide, now. There's even a show where women wrestle the men, Lucha Underground on the El Rey network (that aspect of it is divisive, tho).

  4. Well if she wasn't Chinese, why did they call her Chyna!?

    Anyway: Hi Benel. I figure you are definitely reading this too now, because Lawson read this and told you that I said hi. So...hi. (awkward silence)

    Nah, just kidding. What's up dude! Hope you're doing well, and I hope you're surrounding yourself with good people. Happy New Year, and please feel free to join in the discussion.
    Okay. The Future of Pro Wrestling.

    It HAS to go worldwide. Right? Like, it's in the name, for gosh sake.

    Question: Does WWE have to "sign people away" from the NJPW, if they want them to fight at "Rumble Ring" or whatever?

    Or can a wrestler still keep his contract with NJPW, but get to participate in a different league's title matches, etc.

    Would that be allowed? Or would a guy like Nakamura have to give up everything he's built up in Japan, just to even step in the ring here in the States?

    1. Dude gave up everything. Just for the chance to become the biggest star in wrestling. Left his company, packed up his wife and kid, and flew over to Florida. He's been here a year.

  5. WWE doesn't play well with others. They sign people to exclusive deals. Although technically, all wrestlers are "independent contractors," but that's just BS WWE does to save them money or something. Idk exactly, it's some legal loophole they work through. It's complete nonsense and falls apart under eve the mildest of scrutiny, but no one's paying attention, and now with Linda McMahon in the president's cabinet, ain't no one gonna pay attention to it.

  6. The legal loop-hole involves insurance. As independent contractors, WWE doesn't have to up-front wrestlers insurance (which would be a nightmareish ordeal. It's basically insuring stunt-men) and footing the bill for their travel as salaried employees.

  7. Hey Benel!

    Okay so we will side-bar the issue of medical insurance for wrestlers,

    which is somehow one of the top-10 funniest things I've ever thought about, and one of the top-10 saddest...

    and let me ask this:

    1. Has this Nakamura made any progress in his year over here? and

    2. wouldn't it be in the best interest of WWE to hurry him up the ladder?

    3. follow-up: any other GREAT wrestlers from other countries in similar situations?

    1. Andrade Cien Almas, one of Mexico's greatest young stars, is also on their developmental brand, known as NXT.
      Nakamura has made Progress, in the sense that he's the champion of their brand. But really, it's very beneath him. They keep him there so that NXT draws on tour. There's also the politics involved with HHH, who you may remember as Chyna's ex boyfriend. Well, he married Vince's daughter, Stephanie McMahon, in real life, and in real life also runs NXT. It's his baby, and he wants it to be cool and to flourish. It rubs off well on him.
      So, yes it would be in WWE's best interest to put him on the major league main roster, but those are the reasons he's not there yet. Because literally, he is probably the most charismatic guy in all of wrestling. He'd become a major star.