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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Future of Pro Wrestling (Dear Lawson 2)

So I have not been following pro wrestling.

Like ever though.  Like at all though.

I know Kurt Angle became a weird heel.  Because he was a real-life gold medalist from Pittsburgh, and then he tried to become a sports broadcaster for the local Fox affiliate, Fox 53, when they used to do the 10 o'clock news, in the mid-1990s, and they stole that moustache guy from Channel 4.

Sorry.  I'm rambling.  And you didn't grow up in Pittsburgh, so that may not matter.

p.s.  As you get older, you will start to forget things that you used to know.  Like the name of the guy who switched from WTAE-Channel 4, to Fox-53.  It started with an A, I think.  He had a moustache.

Okay Lawson.  One real question, before we get back to the internetty stuff:

Are you ready to have an old friend?

Like, seriously.  Think about it.  You are like ten years younger than me.  I am going to start forgetting stuff.  Like, not ironically. 

That stuff really does start at like 30.  Not joking.  It just usually starts as insignificant stuff.  But I'm getting old.  Like, yesterday.

Do you really want to have a friend that is way older than you?  What about in like 6 years, when you're crushing life, and I'm on a swing giving you a pep talk, like the old high school quarterback in Can't Hardly Wait?

(which is a reference you may or may not get)

Artie?  Something Arbuckle?

Should I just google it?

No.  No, I refuse to.  Once I'm old, I'm old.  I refuse to use google to trick myself into thinking I'm still young.
LAWSON.  I am serious, buddy.  This blog is the equivalent of you getting a letter in the mail from me with a newspaper article I cut out and a note that says "Thought you'd find this interesting"

Anyway:  CONGRATS!  On all the progress.  And on the writing gig.  What's the site?  I told Vanessa at dinner and she was immediately like "I want to read his stuff!"

So let me know.  You'll have two more clicks/hits/whatevers on all your writings now.

And also:  what is the future of pro wrestling?

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