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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"I don't feel bad for them and it's not a tragedy" (Dear Damen 6)

"It's much like this whole 'fuck you 2016' nonsense.  Shut up and stop blaming 2016 because a bunch of celebrities died because they chose to abuse their bodies in the 70s and 80s.  I don't feel bad for them and it's not a tragedy"


"old people die, especially old people who beat the hell outta their bodies in their youth"


"Everyone dies, just because one of them was Princess Leia doesn't make it any more noteworthy than another"

--Damen Camin, 2017

I enjoyed it.  I think this will be my last "snow day" of the week, so I may not reply again until this weekend. 

But let me ask this next:

We all have 7 draft picks this year.

What is the worst pick you're currently making, out of your 7?

Mine is an app called "Tiny Tower."  I collect rent, and re-stock stores, and deliver guests to whatever floor they want.  Occasionally someone loses 4 Unicorns, and I have to search every G--D--- of my 35 floors, to try to find them.  I actually quit my real job at a hotel in town, and that app is what I've been replacing the time with.

Tiny Tower is absolutely, 100 percent one of the 7 most important things in my life right now.

That last sentence might be the saddest thing I've ever written.
Got the idea?

What's your worst 2017 draft pick?

Oh -- and have a great week!

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