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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Taking the Short-Cut to brysonturner.com (family friendly)

It is a Tuesday.

Normally, I am teaching today.  But it is a "snow day"

Which in Virginia, means

"I have PTSD from when the news said it might snow"
I'm somewhat joking.  A lot of roads are still unsafe, even 2 days after the last snowflake landed.

If we don't have school tomorrow, I will officially roll my eyes.
I am trying to blog more.  I'm not sure why.  Probably because I have less free time now.  And so I am using it more efficiently.

The hardest part of my day is

1.  Logging on to the Internet, and then

2.  Trying to get to the site I went online for
This was my greatest shortcoming, as an "Internet User,"  during the first 20 years I used it.

I fell for the magic trick.
You know that old trick, where a magician has 3 cups turned upside down, and then he puts a ball under one of them?

And then he starts whipping and twirling them around each other, and trying to make you lose track of where the ball is?

That's what I feel like, every time I go online. 

And it's frustrating.  Because I would just make brysonturner.com my homepage, so that I don't get distracted,

but we have a kid who uses this computer.  And I don't know if this site is kid-ready, just yet.

I'm in the process of shifting to a more family-friendly presentation.  But I still slip up, from time to time.

But who the heck cares?  If some ding-dongs are worried about some curse words, they can go take a time-out in the bathroom.  with the lights off

(but with the door open, of course.  we're not monsters)

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