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Monday, January 9, 2017

Your Idea, aka the "7 Picks Life" (Dear Damen 5)


So right now, the Browns have a ton of draft picks. 

1st overall pick.

5 of the first 65.

Blah blah blah.
in LIFE,

we all have a certain number of draft picks. 

Every year, maybe we get to pick 7 things, we pay attention to.

Our first round pick is the thing we give the most attention to.

Our seventh-round pick is our brain's version of "Mr. Irrelevant"

"maybe I'll learn some Spanish this year, too."
Being a football fan is like going all-in to get one player.

It's the "Ricky Williams model" of drafting.

You trade away your 1 and your 3, trade back in the 2nd, and give up next year's first.

You miss out on the "7 picks life,"  which is a much healthier, more balanced LIFE.

We are all the GMs of our own lives. 

Being a Browns fan this past year, you've realized that trading away your entire draft for "football fan"

is not how you build a winning team.
Serious question:  do you feel a little bad for Steelers fans?

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