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Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Most Important Pick in the History of the Cleveland Browns (Dear Damen)

So.  we have the number one pick.  What do we do now?
I say we choose Vanessa Abbott.

Which I know sounds crazy.  She's not going to win us any games.

But she doesn't need to.

Stop listening to Kevin Hart

My name is Bryson Turner.  I used to be a Steelers fan.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, and I worshipped everything black and gold.

My number 1 dude was always Barry Bonds.  There was a weird reaction to him leaving, back in 1992.  Maybe that "weird" reaction stuck with me, more than I realized.

I switched over to being a Browns fan in the-Packers-Steelers-Super-Bowl-year.

I tried to support Big Ben after his second rape situation, but it was just too much.

I don't care how many times Greg Gumbelnantz tells me the Rooneys are a mom-and-pop store that coincidentally happen to own a multi-billion-dollar, world-wide brand.

I don't care.  I don't care how "classy" they are.

I didn't like Roethlisberger, B.

And if they weren't going to cut him,
I was going to cut myself from the team.

Which I believe is called "quitting."

I was going to quit being a Steelers fan.

And so I have.

I'm a free agent.

Or.  Was...
The Browns came calling in the form of "Jim Brown"

more on that tomorrow, maybe.

We'll see if this is interesting to Damen Camin,
the third-best comedian in Cleveland history.

And it's not close.

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