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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Eating Trash and Counting Change (Dear Preston and Danina 2)

Hey Preston.  And Danina.  I hope your new house is still making you as happy as the day you closed on it.

It should. 
Danina, I hope you start feeling like these posts are yours, too.  If only because they make you feel less crazy, for being with Preston. 

If we were all on Facebook, I'm sure we'd be communicating on there, writing on each others' walls, and all that good stuff.  Since Vanessa and I aren't, this site is the next best thing.  (unless we all used Google what's-it-called.  hahahaha remember that thing?  I already forgot the name of it)

Google Glass?  Google Next? 

What was their version called again?  I seriously forget.
Anyway:  I eat trash.  Vanessa is not a fan, and Dragonfly is pretty disgusted.  I am trying to change my habits.  It's tough, when food is so delicious.

I am also going to count some change today.  I know this may sound crazy, but I think it's a healthy thing to do.  I think that America -- and many parts of the world -- would be a better place, if people took their currency more seriously.  It costs our government a lot of money to produce all the coins that exist, and so if no one pays attention to it,

we are wasting our resources.

As I get older, I am becoming more conservative.  That word, to me, means that I want to conserve more.  I am not in as big a hurry to change everything, all at once.

I don't love the idea of "digital currency."  Maybe it's because I don't understand it.  Maybe it's because my 20th-century mind desires something more...tangible.

Or maybe I'm just weird white trash that eats trash.  Maybe I need to let a computer control my car and my wallet, and just have faith that the person who's programming both

for some weird reason

has my best interests at heart, and not their own.

The only way that works is if there is someone who has come to the conclusion that it is in ALL of our best interests if the best of us succeed.  And if the most-deserving of us end up, eventually, making the most important decisions.

If that person is in charge of mechanical cars or whatever, then cool.  If that person is in charge of digital currency, sweet.

How do we find out if that's the case?
That's what I don't know.  That's what I'd like to figure out.

I'm going to do my best to stay curious, and to try to piece together the puzzle of the world.  I root for us humans to figure out a way to live harmoniously with the Earth. 

My gut tells me -- as I see trees dropping all around me, and wood houses sprouting up in their place -- that we can do better.
You guys are doing better.  You purchased a well-made home that already existed.  That is AWESOME. 

I hope your new home is still making you as happy as the day you closed on it.

It should.

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