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Sunday, March 19, 2017

My April Set-List

I.  There are "Adult Tests"
     a.  Can you pick Iceberg Lettuce out of a line-up?
     b.  I mean if you can, you're a part-time adult.

     c.  Now, there's a multiple-choice quiz, you have 5 choices
         1.  Iceberg Lettuce
         2.  Romaine Lettuce
         3.  Nappa Cabbage
         4.  Lettuce that is wrongly marked as cabbage
         5.  Organic Lettuce -- but the PRICETAG IS YELLOW

2.  Your First Adult Question is:
         1.  When your wife says you she is making salad and she is fine with you getting the cheapest ingredients...
         2.  Does she mean it?

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