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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Playing Career Jenga

Jenga is a game that old people used to play, when we were children.  Before there was Internet.

You set up a tower, and then you pulled little pieces of it apart.  You tried to find the piece that was loose, so that you could remove it without have the entire tower collapse.

If you pulled out a piece and it fell down, you lost.

(note:  my editor deleted several jokes that would have crushed if my only readers were my college improv troupe)
My career climb has been slow, since I left New York.  Or maybe I'll look back and say it was quick.

But right now, as it's happening, it feels glacial.

I want to be running an SAT/ACT program with Vanessa.  We want it to be huge.  We want it to inspire thousands of kids.  We want it to shift the average standardized-test-scores of entire school districts.

Turns out, that's pretty tough. 

But I've made small gains.  I'm teaching in schools.  I'm coaching.  I'm working at summer basketball camps.  I'm making contacts at multiple high schools.  I'm learning how to communicate better with students and administrators.

I feel like I've hit a dead end.  But I haven't.  I'm just trying to pull out the wrong Jenga piece.

I need to find the next loose piece. 
That was one neat thing about the game of Jenga.  Every time somebody pulled out a piece, it shifted the pieces.  It changed what was now possible.

A year ago, I applied to work at the local Rec Centers.  They turned me down. 

That was before I was coaching.  That was before I was substitute teaching.

Maybe that's the new Jenga piece.  Maybe I can get that job now.

And maybe if I do, it will loosen up the next piece.
I can't know unless I try.

I haven't failed if I keep trying.

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