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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Wonder how Ryan Stackman is Doing

One of my first childhood friends was Ryan Stackman.

He was a second baseman. Which, for all you born after 1994, was a position in baseball.

(Which, for all you born after 2007, was a sport that used to be played in America)

(Which, for all you born after 2020, was a country in-between Canada and Mexico)
I remember a ton about Stackman. He lived on the left side of a cul-de-sac, maybe two houses down from Randy Tomlin, a Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher at that time.

Ryan's dad was a pilot. He had a neighbor named Scott, and I thought he was cool. I remember the first time I came over and Scott's older sister had gotten "hot." I remember a lamp not working in their basement.

I remember playing baseball games on his Nintendo, and I think I remember a birthday party where we got "grab bags" at the end of it.

I remember one time he got a really big bruise on his bicep -- which did not exist yet, because we were ten -- when he tried to apply a tag too quickly at second base.

I remember him being a good friend.

I also remember talking to him a combined zero times after, maybe, 7th grade?
I wonder how Ryan Stackman is doing.

I hope he's still playing baseball.

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