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Friday, April 7, 2017

RIP, Mr. Warmth

That seems like such a superlative.  "Changed my life"

It's like saying "World Peace Achieved!"

But Don Rickles changed my life.

  I never met the guy, and I never will in person, now that he died this week, after about 9 decades on Earth.

But he was married for a long time.  Through a lot of years of performing, and being around other people in the entertainment industry.

He and Bob Newhart both had long marriages, and they and their wives had a friendship that lasted like 40 or 50 years.

I learned about Bob Newhart some when I was in college, and then I saw a documentary about Rickles a few years ago. 

Like I said:  I never met them in person.  So I have no idea whether the persona that was presented to me was their reality.  I can't know either way.  10 years ago I felt just as highly about Bill Cosby.  20 years ago I felt the same about O.J.

So I don't know what their reality was.

But I know what my reality has been.  I know I grew up in an era when it seemed really difficult to balance a career in the entertainment industry with a healthy marriage, or a healthy and growing relationship between yourself and one other person in particular.

Marriages like the Rickles' were presented to me, growing up, as an alternative path.  That I could entertain people, and still get to have a wife, and a partner, and that we could enjoy life together, and vacation together, and enjoy the ride.
I don't know Barbara Rickles.  But I hope she -- and everyone who's lost anyone --

realize how many more people we impact, than just the ones we meet. 

RIP, Mr. Warmth

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