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Monday, April 3, 2017

The Purple Party

I am fighting my way through 3 years of rust, onstage right now.  I've been through a lot of life in that time, and so I'm having to painfully (for the audience, and for my ego) try to fast-forward through three years of onstage growth that would have happened, but never did.

I am not funny onstage right now.  I can feel it.  And so it's tempting to return to my shell, and take another three years off from comedy.

But I need money.  I have to train my way back to fighting shape again.

I don't know how far away I am.  But I know I have to keep going.  I know I can't afford to stop this time.
One theme that keeps appearing onstage is that I do not feel tied down politically.

I live in a country that keeps trying to tell me I have to be one thing or the other.  That I have to agree with one set of beliefs or another.

And I just don't.

I am what I always wanted to be, growing up.
I am what my father was, that I thought was so cool.

I am an independent.

I see both sides.

I'm in The Purple Party.

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