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Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 Pay Period (5 & 6)

In the first 3 months of 2017,

I published 52 blogs that were read

1994 times.

I earned $0
The first two have already surpassed my totals from last year.

My theory is that the 3rd one will grow soon,
because of the first two.

Attention does not pay bills.  

But I believe attention leads to money.  Here is my logic:

1.  We like it when the world is happier.  It makes us happier
2.  We base our views of the world off of what we pay attention to.
3.  Once we start paying attention to something, we start wanting it to be happy.

The world is paying more attention to this blog.  Which means the world is rooting more and more, for this to be a happy blog.  And once people realize how much they can change the story of this blog,

my gut says this 2nd quarter of 2017 will be an exciting one.  A financially exciting one.
I also learned a lot from my first quarter.

I got a lot more views when I told people about my blogs.

I lost a lot of momentum -- and attention -- when I took all of February off.

Taking a month off was the right decision for me, and I don't regret it.  But I intend to write for the rest of this year.
If I want more and more attention moving forward -- and I do, because I want more energy -- then I need to recognize what brings people the most value.

In 2017 Quarter 1, I had five blogs with over 80 views.  They were:


The blog with the most views is my post about a Comedian trying to succeed without Facebook.  My fellow Virginia Beach comic -- and Pinboy's regular -- Tyrell Shackleford posted a link of it to Facebook this week.

Let's pick up the story there...

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