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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Turns Out, Johnny Habu is Awesome

So to review:

The last few weeks, I've decided to start performing again.

The one spot I really want to start performing at, consistently, is a bar show not far from our home -- a spot called "Pinboys" here in Virginia Beach.

The new host there is someone named "Johnny Habu."  I've only met him a few times, but he's terrific.

First of all, he's a Cleveland guy.  Which always seems to help.  Even though Pittsburgh and Cleveland are supposed to be rivals, it's a pretty dumb idea in reality.  We're both traditionally blue-collar towns that are about a 90-minute drive from each other, if you're speeding. 
I was running late this past Monday, because of a twist at the end of my daughter's lacrosse game.  (the twist was rain)

As soon as I ran in the door, I saw Johnny waiting by the stage, and I gave him a nod.  He gave a quick look like "It's about damn time" -- and then started his intro music, and hopped up and started the show.

He then proceeded to be a total pro about it, gathered the room's attention, got them laughing, and then brought me right up as the first comic.  He even gave a mini-plug for the t-shirt I was giving away.

He was awesome! 

To review:  I was totally unprofessional, and he could have 100 percent been a jerk about it, and he would have been justified.  But he wasn't a jerk about it.  He understood that shit happens, and was as appreciative as ever.
Lol  I had a terrible set, by the way.  But I was more natural than I've been in a year.  If I start having better sets there -- and then elsewhere around town -- I'll have the host of Pinboy's to thank.
Come out to Pinboy's any Monday night at 9, and support Johnny and my favorite show in the city.

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