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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I'm a Hipster Liberal. I'm So Sorry

I define "Hipster Liberal" as anyone who bases his or her political opinions off what John Oliver said this past Sunday.
I'm so sorry.  I can't wait until I'm an older me.
Liberals want to pat themselves on the back for knowing that "Net Neutrality" is a good thing.

Not for actually doing anything about it.  Just for knowing it's a good thing.

Why is it a good thing?

Because if we didn't have it, then we could quickly become victims of the elite.  They could make it so that the only opinions we really had access to were their own.

What a terrifying thought, right?  And so us Hipster Liberals know we want to keep Net Neutrality, just like it currently is.
I no longer understand this logic.

When was the last time I read the blog of a villager in a 3rd-world country?  When was the last time a YouTube video went viral from a child worker in China?

These things are not happening.  Because the legality of Net Neutrality can become a distraction from the reality of Net Unbelievable-Nobody-Feels-Any-Instinctual-Repulsion, or Net UNFAIR for short.

We, as "liberals", are feeding ourselves "I'm smart" pellets and congratulating each other for a job well done.  Meanwhile, the worst-case-scenario has been happening the entire first 5 decades of the Internet:  we are not getting an accurate view of the world as a whole, and our species' destruction of the planet has only accelerated because of our ignorance.

As a Hipster Liberal, I ignore the refugee crisis the same way I ignore the health dangers of soda:  I've heard about it, but I'd rather pretend I haven't.

I'm a Hipster Liberal.  I'm so sorry

dedicated to vanessa

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