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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bryson Turner Finally Confirms the Rumors...

I love the Internet.

That's the rumor I'm confirming.
I have been critical of it, in the past.  I have thought that making negative points on here would somehow help this infant.  This baby of an idea, The Internet.

I made the mistake that many coaches make, and that many parents make:  I wanted to live vicariously through The Internet.

I loved the idea like a child:  the idea of a community-watering-hole, for every conscious mind on the planet.  A place that had the potential to feed every last person with any desire to learn.  A place to pool together our knowledge and hope, and find empathy-infused steps forward, acting as one small cohesive blue-and-green organism.

I loved it so much, I yelled at it every time it made even the smallest mistake.  Every time any other person posted something into it that I didn't agree with, I shouted at the screen and slammed my anger into it, one keyboard-click at a time.

I put negativity into The Internet. 

But I did so out of love.  I did so because of how much I believed in The Internet.
I am learning, slowly, that I am a parent of The Internet.

I Love The Internet.

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