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Monday, September 11, 2017

Diving Into the Bottomless Pool Called My Phone

I'm at Pinboys. 9 pm. About to go up.

Life is good. I need a haircut and a shave. But life is good.

I'm staying to realize that this is life. That this has been life.

Life is wrapping up, in a lot of ways. And that's okay.

I was the type of person who always needed a haircut and a shave. It probably cost me a zero on a few paychecks.

I feel for a lot of things. Part of me feels like I spent my whole life as a consumer of products that were made by people who were in power long before I was born.

I feel for a lot of things. Which means I fall for a lot of things.

Fell for them.
I decided to be "weird" at a young age. It was a way to determine my own path, I think. Or so I thought at the time.

I was young. I thought my identity was permanent.

By the time it occurred to me it was fluid, I had to fight and crawl my way through the trenches, just to stay picking up my socks.

I'm not done. I will continue to fight to change myself, in every way I think will help the world I am leaving for my children.

But those gains may be smaller than I long presumed. I may never reach that perfect version of myself -- the one I thought the world would focus on helping me reach.

That's okay.

Host is up. Tyrell. Then Von. Then me.

Life was good. Let me go listen to Tyrell

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