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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Year 3, Day 6: The "9 to 5 comedian" angle

It's 9:01 am, on this Day 6.

I updated the side pages of my website, brysonturner.com

I wrote last night, preparing for my set tonight at Cinema Cafe', here in Virginia Beach.

I will continue trying to build up my local profile. 
I want to push myself to branch out, too.

I think I could get some traction as "The 9-5 comedian" or something like that.

I decided to have faith in Butterfly this week, and so I've tried to think like a professional comic.

That has led to me looking at each day of this week, from a professional viewpoint. 
I looked at Monday like a Monday.
Tuesday like a Tuesday.
Wednesday like Wednesday.

Today is Thursday.  It's 9:10 in the morning.  I feel productive, and active. 

It feels like Thursday morning might be the only productive time, all week.  So far this week,

1.  I've spent Monday complaining about Monday,
2.  I have NO recollection of Tuesday (I think I was black-out bored, somehow)
3.  Wednesday was spent focusing on distracting myself to get to Thursday
4.  This morning, I really want to get some work done.

I'm in a great mood.  It's Thursday!  Tomorrow is Friday!

So I better hurry up, while I feel this way.  I'm gonna email some clubs, call some clubs, see who I can have good conversations with.
I hope you are having a great day, whoever is reading this.

And I hope you have a very productive Thursday morning from 9:00 - 9:15 next week,
because 15 good minutes can change your life.

I'm Bryson Turner,

the 9-to-5 comedian,

signing in.

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