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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Year 3, Day 20: The 20 Hours Rule

Hello, Mrs. Butterfly.

I always want to have better news for you.  I want to tell you I've won the lottery. 

Or better yet, that I've gotten a job.
I have what feels like 30 tabs open, on our computer.  Our browser is spinning on a hamster wheel, visiting the same 8 links over, and over, and over.  Praxis, Multiple-Licensure-Routes, Alternative-Licensure-Routes, Virginia-Licensure-Requirements, Application for a Virginia License, Assessment-Requirements-for-Virginia Licensure,

(deep breath,)

Praxis, Multiple-Licensure-Routes, Alternative-----

And around and around I go, somehow never feeling like I've made any progress.
But perhaps the "20-hour" rule applies here. 

That's the one discussed in this video:

I will do my best with our one client, today.  We are 5 hours in.  I think he is 15 hours away from being a terrific math student.
I think this can be a great benefit of a marriage, too.  Or an engagement, for the time being.  : )

He mentions in that video how easy it is, for us to overestimate the amount of time we've spent, trying to learn something.

No, wait.  Not "trying to learn something."  Because when we're "trying to learn something,"

that means we are learning something.
I think if we keep track of how much time we learn Spanish together, we can get through the initial 20 hours.  We can use good humor, and mutual support, to enjoy the time that is usually the most frustrating.

I think if we stay positive, we can do great things together.

I think we already are.
See you this afternoon.  Another 30 minutes, climbing up trash.

Let's listen to some Spanish tonight.  : )

I love you.

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