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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Year 3, Day 22: Up the Mountain

Hello, Mrs. Butterfly.
We are back from running up a mountain of trash.  Which, somehow, Virginia Beach has made beautiful.

Today, you taught me to run like a locomotive.  My stomach and guts can run faster than my feet and legs.  My core is my engine.

It is Day 22. 
On Day 25, I will perform at the Funny Bone, here in town.  In a perfect world, the booker of the club will be there.  And he will see me perform.  And I will be comfortable, and fun, and funny.

Preparation will help the chances of that happening. 

On Day 26, I have my final tutoring session with one of my students, before their Final Exam.  In a perfect world, we'll have a positive and productive hour.  And he will be inspired, and feel less like his exam is a finish line, and more like it's a hurdle, in the middle of a race he is getting better and better at.

Preparation will help the chances of that happening.

On Day 28, I have a game with my new basketball team, The Neptunes.  In a perfect world, you'll come to the game, and you'll have fun, and you'll feel like Rosie Perez in 'White Men Can't Jump.'  Except without me losing all our money.

Preparation will help the chances of that happening.

On Day 29, I have two tests that will help determine whether I become a Virginia Beach City Public School teacher, for the 2016-2017 school year.  In a perfect world, I'll show up early, feel prepared, and pass both tests.

Preparation will help the chances of that happening.
I have a lot of goals, for the upcoming week.  And the best thing I can do for us, and for all of our goals, is to prepare for this week.  To come up with a plan.  Because I don't want to wake up on Tuesday and not feel ready.

Part of the challenge of being self-employed -- as a comedian, a REALTOR, a personal trainer, an anything -- is being your own boss. 

I am optimistic that I can be a terrific employee this week, because I can be a terrific boss this week.

I love you, and I am so excited for this week together.

After this morning, it should be a piece of cake.

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