a priori/a posteriori

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Year 3, Day 26

Last night, I delivered an uninspiring set, at the Funny Bone.

Mrs. Butterfly said the set felt like prison food.  It felt like something that got slopped down in front of you.  It was boring, with a lack of direction, a lack of focus, and a lack of feeling.

A lack of heart.

She is right.  The crowd was right.  And the judges were right.

I don't totally know how to proceed.  But I want to document this moment.  To me, that's important.

I also don't want to waste time.  Not yours, the reader.  And not mine, the writer.

No matter when you read this -- whether it be today, or any time in the future -- whenever you read this:

let's go out and live the best life we can, today. 

If you're unemployed, then you live the best, most passionate unemployed life you can. 

If you're reading this while lying in bed, then you be the best damn lying-in-a-bed person you can possibly be.  Clench your stomach ten times.  Smile ten times.  Pull your arms across your chest, one at a time. 

I'm a humiliated bum, today.  Last night I lost to a bunch of amateurs.  Because I'm an amateur.

I'm not a professional comedian.  I'm a talented amateur.

I'm not a professional adult.  I'm a talented failure.

But today, I'm gonna go be the best bum I can possibly be.  I'm gonna try to learn more math.  And kill my arms at the gym. 

I gotta go.  And so do you.

I love you, and I hope you have a terrific day today.

Now remember: this is a social media site.  Stop giving it time.


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